Running Events

Do you have a game you really want to play at our con? Or maybe you have some activity or event you wish to host? There are three ways you can organize your game/event: two of them at the convention and one before the convention even starts.

Just walk around the convention looking for other people interested in your game/activity

After arriving at the convention and having received your badge go roam the convention areas. People are always looking to start new games or try new activities, so just ask around. Once you find folks who are interested in whatever you’re trying to do, find some open space to set up and just do your thing.

Create a “Signup Sheet” at the convention

TCEP provides blank “sign-up” sheets in the Main Game room for both gaming and non-gaming events. Feel free to take one, add all the details for your game/event, place it in the “Game Signup” area, then wait and see if anyone signs up to be part of your game/event.

For those so inclined, you can download one of our blank sheets right here, fill it out and bring it with you to TCEP. Otherwise, we’ll have blank copies available for you at the convention.

Request your event become a TCEP “Programmed Event”

If you would like to generate interest in your game/event before the convention starts, ensure you will have somewhere to hold it, and have a fixed time to start, submit a description of your event to TCEP to request it be added to the official convention event calendar as a TCEP “Programmed Event”.

  • A TCEP Programmed Event is an event that will be held in a reserved location within the convention space on a fixed day, starting at a specific time, and being allowed to run for at least a minimum amount of time.
  • TCEP will advertise your event on the TCEP Event Calendar; including all the details of who, what, when, where, etc. before the convention even starts.
  • If necessary for your event, TCEP will create an official “Sign-Up” sheet containing all the details for your event (what, where, when, etc.) and place it in the “Game Signup” area of the Main Game room to allow folks to sign up for your event at the convention.
  • By creating a signup sheet “at con” TCEP can’t guarantee you’ll have space available to you at the time you’d like to hold your game/event. On the other hand, if you decide you really don’t want to hold your game/event after all, you can just throw away your sign-up sheet at any time and not worry about it.
  • A “Programmed Event” will get your event on the official TCEP Event Calendar. This means TCEP expects that you WILL be there to run your game/event at the agreed day and time. We’re guaranteeing you a time and space so we’re expecting you to be there to host it; we think that’s fair.
  • Complete this Google form (NOTE: you DO NOT have to sign in to Google to use this form, but you MUST provide a valid email address so we can contact you.)
  • Once TCEP receives your request, we’ll determine if your event is appropriate for TCEP and if we think we can work it into the official schedule. If so, we’ll be in touch to work out further details. (If we can’t work it into the schedule we’ll let you know why.)
  • Please note: all Programmed Event requests must be submitted no later than August 17th, 2024.

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