Sunday 12:30 pm
Participants: up to 25

Megaville has its supers, both heroes (Mr. Good, Officer Lawman) and villains (The Bad Guy, Aunt Archy). But supers are busy people who can’t do it all by themselves. That’s where the Super Temp Agency comes into play. Young graduates fresh out of Super Academy apply to the Super Temp Agency where tireless advocates will do what it takes to get them positions with one of Megaville’s Super Hereos or Super Villains. Once hired as a sidekick or henchman1 you support your patron Super by going into battle against his or her nemeses and their corresponding lackies for the purpose of saving or dooming Megaville as appropriate.

Sidekicks vs. Henchmen is a campy, comedic game of cartoon violence and improv. The game has been inspired by such literary, film and television classics as the 1960’s Batman television show and the major motion picture Mystery Men. The characters and contrived situations they will find themselves in are intended to be silly if not completely ridiculous. Completely over-the-top roleplay is encouraged.

Initial characters will be provided, but sidekicks and henchmen have a tendency to die off rather quickly and unceremoniously. Fear not! Players can quickly generate an even more recent graduate by obtaining a randomly generated name, determining that characters appropriate abilities and/or powers, then applying to the Super Temp Agency—you hear that some new positions have recently opened up!

NOTE: THIS MEANS YOUR CHARACTER IS PROBABLY GOING TO GET WOUNDED AND DIE. SO IS YOUR NEXT ONE. AND THE ONE AFTER THAT. It’s cool, you’d be amazed how adding a pair of glasses or some such to your costume can make you a totally new character (ref: Clark Kent).

The combat system is Super-Simple. Combatants draw a result card which tells you who won the fight. Players then use their skills and abilities to describe via role play and in hilarious improv-ed detail precisely how that result came about2. The game is not about the result, it’s about how you got there and that part is up to you.

Eventually one of the Ville’s Supers might gain dominance thus saving or destroying the town. Or perhaps new Super teams of Sidekicks or Persons of Hench will arise to protect/threaten Megaville. Only time will tell.

1 The terms henchman and henchmen are generic terms not intended to reflect gender preference or impose gender requirement upon the person of hench. All persons of hench in Megaville are paid equally for equal work. Gender discrimination is not tolerated in Megaville.

2 Those familiar with the Redshirts mission resolution system will find the combat system familiar. Those unfamiliar with the system will be able to learn it in about a minute.

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